When you are not enough to handle your dog.


About the program

Constant biting, dragging on a leash, lack of independence, etc. We can resolve and eliminate everything about the inappropriate behavior of your dog. Every single problem that makes you annoyed and interrupts your everyday life. I will show you how to properly listen to your dog and how to understand it more. Every problem has a reason. I’m here to find the problem, analyze it and show you the solution. Like every problem can be solved, every dog can be trained so do not worry and stand up to the problem. Together we can do it.


How do we start? Contact me

There is no harm in trying. At the first free meeting, you can check for yourself that I can deal with everything regarding dog selection and education. We will start with you, the owner – we will discuss your expectations and approach, determine the key themes and together we will propose to you and your dog a tailor-made plan.