Professional dog trainer

I educate people and their dogs. Quality coexistence of man and dog is based on mutual relationship and understanding. It often happens that people expect a dog to follow orders before they can understand him. This can lead to fatigue, frustration and, due to unfulfilled expectations, the dog often ends up in a shelter. My goal is to teach people to perceive the dog as a partner and to help them understand its expressions and speech. I will teach you to listen to your dog before he can listen to you. Our joint lessons are always the work of three equal partners – trainer, dog and owner. We all learn from each other, we respect and trust each other. Even with a dog you can lead a comfortable life.


The dog lives here and now, it does not perceive the past and the future as we do, but it perceives our energy and behaves accordingly. Each dog has a unique personality, so my approach to every dog is individual. There are no 100% valid methods. My task is to choose the right tools and adapt them to the dog and its owner.

By listening to dogs, I want to reduce the number of dogs in shelters, I believe in leash free life and I am convinced that it can be done with a minimum of commands.


I started training dogs as a child when I was 11 years old. I sold the first dog to an army dog handler when I was 14. In addition to regular dog owners, I work with the mountain rescue service, police and military units.

Every dog can be understood, but we must learn how to listen to him.




Do you need help with raising a puppy? Are you bothered by your dog's behavior?
We can do it together.


A comprehensive approach for your dog’s lifetime. I will be available to you and your dog anytime.


Zdeno Fedor

This way, I want to thank Matus Giacko and his father for the supervision of our service dogs in the name of the Mountain Rescue Service cynology. Especially for educating young puppies, supervising them and us. We have understood many things and we have expanded our knowledge of how modern kynology works. I firmly believe we will continue to work together and prepare other puppies for avalanche and field search rescue.

Daniela Laurenčiková

My name is Daniela and my dog is Hasan, Bernese Mountain Dog. Approximately in his four months, my inadequate knowledge began to appear – dragging on a leash, not listening to my calls, and other problems. That’s why I decided to find a training school. While searching I have found Giacko an expert in the field. Mr Giacko’s approach to training is Invaluable. Hasan is filled with enthusiasm. Everything we learn in a quiet environment is then practiced in a busy city where Hasan spends a lot of time with us. all I want to thank them for all of this, and I recommend visiting them.

Zuzana Sedova

Matus thank you very much for training our little ones in the camp they went through an incredible transformation, but since I watched your work before I knew you could do it Thanks to you, our walks are really a relaxation. They run without tugging, running away, they don't run into cyclists, pedestrians, other dogs... We can sit in peace for a coffee or lunch because they are waiting nicely. It is obvious that you are fully devoted to the dogs in the camp and help us in coexistence with them. Thank you

Aneta Chovanová

Matus is a dog psychologist. He's also a bit of a people person... and a very nice guy. He's been doing this job for about 11 years, I think. I found out about him from Kristy's post from the normal girls project. It's a great thing to share on instagram. Matus comes to us for individual lessons, this time he offered to take Bucky to camp. He calls it camp, but camp is funnier. Originally I thought he would bully him a bit, so that Bucky would want to come back to me and be grateful for me feeding him and letting him lick my face, even though I know what he licks. But he didn't send a look. He slept in bed and skateboarded in the Tatras. I wasn't even in the Tatras! Thank you, Matusko ?? The purpose was for Matus to spot any abnormalities or psychological disorders. So he found out that I had a psychological disorder. Buc is supposed to be a great dog? Buc has calmed down a lot since we've been training with Matty, mainly because I've calmed down. I'm aware of the mistakes in his upbringing, but he has the best chances that we can eliminate them together. He's a well-mannered dog, he just has some fears that we share. Sometimes I think he wants to commit suicide by jumping in front of a car, but he's just defending me. Interesting... I can't fit everything here, but at the same time I would like to thank Janine from @dogsclub.prague because she washed the animal before it was returned to me... I think it had dirt coming out of its ears. The author of the introductory photo is @kac.key ?.❤️ I am putting his photo here permanently so you can come back to it whenever you need and find Matus for advice and help and skateboarding. I wish you many happy dogs and even happier owners ❤️

Miriam Macalíková

I would like to use the power of social networks and thank one amazing person who is not only an excellent and the best dog psychologist but also a human....With Matusko @matusgiacko we have been training our dog for 14 days and this person deserves my admiration and attention.Lucky RR (whom by the way☝️I love as my own child) was a nice obedient puppy, then puberty came and our upbringing got out of hand. Lucky started destroying things more and more, he reacted to his name about 3 times and outside he was on salami-unless I held the salami in my hands.?Travelling in the car was impossible.Behaviour in the city was not to mention.And when Lucky wanted to tear me for borrowing and putting on someone else's jacket, it was the last straw. That's why I called Matus a psychologist at the beginning of this report. We discussed the issue from the beginning.....then Lucky and I started working together and the results are coming in every day.

Zuzana Libutková

Have a great day, ✌?I want to thank the wonderful dog trainer Matthew for his great advice. Since we have a monster of bigger size ? she's been bothering us quite a bit. Our sao is currently one year and three months old, so it's a difficult puberty ?. He is very intelligent and learns quickly. Since we socialized him from a young age he is obedient but also dominant and thus was stubborn as a mule. But the biggest problem was the devastation thing. When he got just a little bored "and he has toys like a king and walks every day " he started to devastate the garden. The fruit trees were gone, the pots no longer counted ?, the holes like after a bombing ?. When he vandalised the rattan sofa that was the end of it. We called Matthew and he recommended a dogtra training collar. Great stuff. Thank you. No stubbornness, he responds to the word ? and we've made progress in destroying ? or not destroying ?. I don't have the slightest problem walking him alone even though Akin already weighs more kg than me. Great ❤️

Dominika Mikulinova

We have paid the most for our bad upbringing. Sunny was more our master than we were hers. The car journey looked like, Sunny had to sit on the passenger's lap. Or when I was travelling alone, there were so many times when she jumped on me while driving. There was also a problem when leaving the car to refuel e.g. loud barking, crying and jumping all over the car. After three days of intensive training in our home environment. Sunny can sit calmly under the seat in his little mouse. No barking,crying or jumping all over the car. Stairs, barking at the sound of the doorbell or the problem of being left alone at home were also a big problem for Sunny. Already today after four days we can see beautiful progress. Sunny has started to listen to us. She knows that when she is told her place she has to go to her crib. The stairs are no longer a problem for her. She walks at her feet and slowly doesn't register the bell anymore. Matthew has helped us a lot and slowly we can see how Sunny but also our upbringing is changing for the better. Thank you very much for the incredible help.

Michaela Zemková

Hey, I gotta tell you, our Leo is making some incredible changes. And the best part is, it's not just us that are noticing, but our friends and acquaintances as well. He is calmer, he doesn't bark at the doorbell anymore ( not like before that he could be heard on the other side of the city?♀️) He can stay at home by himself too, for now only for a short time and we are gradually extending the intervals as you taught us. He liked the cage after about two weeks. At first he only went in there for the squeak, but now he goes in there by himself when we get on his nerves and he wants to have some peace and quiet? It's unbelievable that after one meeting with you, our lives changed. Everything's sort of easier now. We really couldn't get along with Leo as we listened to him rather than him listening to us. Thank you very much indeed, you are an amazing person who knows what he is doing and does it really famously... we would recommend you to any friend who has a problem with a dog... because it is incredible how 100 EUR has changed our lives... all three of us salute you and we look forward to seeing you again...

Nikola Macháčková

This way I would like to thank Matus for his great and especially useful advice. I've been following Matus on instagram for some time now and I can't stop wondering what he does with all the dogs, that's why I contacted him. I have only a small civet, but even such a small dog can do enough to make a normal person not know how to handle it. My dog's name is Endy and he was constantly running to the doorbell, other people, unexpected noises, well, just everything ????. On the leash he led me- not me him, he didn't walk at my feet, he had to sniff everything for 10 minutes and then we could go on. Endy almost never sat on the command "sit", only sometimes when he felt like it. Now something about the visit of Matus. Matus has been with us only once so far and showed us how to teach Endy to run and how to teach him to walk on a leash at his feet. In just an hour of training under Matus' supervision Endy almost stopped running on the bell ♀️ Matus also took Endy for a walk to show us how to teach him to walk at the leg (we still have to work on that :-D). After a couple of hours I could see progress in Endy and that was only thanks to Matus. Thank you again for your help.

Rodina Gabriš

Our dog Jasan is amazing even though he had a few negatives. That's why we contacted Matúš, who we know is a professional dog trainer. Right after he came to us he told us that Jasan is a very temperamental dog with whom there will not be a lot of work. What was unimaginable for us is now a reality thanks to one training. Suddenly Jasan was able to jump into the trunk of the car,he was able to walk by my leg and not pull himself. Our walks are now free of mental stress for both of us. Thanks to Matthew Giack our life with our dog has improved a lot. Many thanks again and many more happy doggies.

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